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Consolidated Billing

Common remittance is an additional service which allows you to remit all Plan contributions in a single payment to AFPlanServ®.

You submit:

  • Census file of the Plan participants
  • Policy file of the consolidated bill from all providers
  • Register file of the deductions from all participants.

Upon receipt, we will:

  • Separate contributions among the approved providers
  • Reconcile and forward detail and dollars to each provider to be posted

What are the benefits?

  • One process for your payroll department
  • Consolidation of data
  • One file (not a separate file for each provider)
  • Secure, electronic transfer of funds and contribution information
  • An added service provided at no additional cost

Payroll Processes

Simplify your payroll process at no additional charge to you. You can submit one data file and one payment for all approved providers. This service allows the employer to remit all Plan contributions to one location. We will separate the contributions among the providers for your Plan based on the instructions you provide in secure, electronic data files.

When processing Plan contributions from payroll, deductions must be in accordance with approved salary reduction agreements. All contributions must be forwarded to providers in a timely manner.

AFPlanServ® may work with you on two different service levels, an open architecture or common remitter process. An open architecture system allows you to continue existing payroll processes with minimal disruptions, allowing employers to continue dealing directly with their approved providers.